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Andrei and Kelly Belousov

February 9, 2020

Why start Church Creative? Our Why

Simply put, we are PASSIONATE about church media and seeing the church promoted in an uplifting and inspirational way to the world around us. We believe that church creatives play an important role in helping people connect to the church and find a place to belong. We have seen so many creatives in the church struggle to find a place to start, whether they are desiring to create videos, graphics, social media, photography, blogs, etc. They have the heart and passion to serve with excellence but have no clue where to begin. If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place! This was all made with YOU in mind!

Our Mission

Simply put, our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through creativity! We believe in equipping church creatives to raise their level of excellence and creativity in the church in order to be more effective in reaching the people around them. Our goal is for creatives to be equipped to live out their personal creative calling, and in turn, to help the larger church strengthen its connection with the world and become more effective in reaching people with the gospel.

We’re going to make this possible by letting you take a first-hand look at how we do pretty much everything in the church creative world. Through our website’s resources page, you can find out about all of the equipment, software, and resources that we use and have had great success with. The knowledge we share here took us a combined twelve years of working in the church creative industry to learn and discover. Our weekly Free Training Articles are a resource where we will be sharing valuable information on how to create excellent and effective media through photography, video, graphic design, and social media. We will be sharing many things that we’ve learned along the way in our journeys of growth. We will also include insight from other people who have inspired us or who have helped us grow and get to where we are today.

We are currently developing a number of courses that are designed to take you from a complete beginner to a professional in the areas of photography, video, graphic design, and social media. They will include everything that we’ve learned from our many years of experience. We believe these courses will be effective in equipping you with everything you need to become a professional in each of these areas.

Our Goal

One of our favorite quotes is by Craig Groeschel, pastor of Life Church, which is the largest church in America. He ends each episode of his monthly leadership podcast in the same way, “When the leader gets better, everyone gets better.” Our belief is that church creatives are leaders. We are leaders in visuals, leaders in communications, leaders in the worship services, leaders online in social media and various other digital platforms, and it’s our job to present the church in its best possible light to a world that is desperately in need of some hope.

Church creatives play a HUGE role in strengthening the sense of connection and belonging that is felt by the members of their community through videos, photography, social media, graphic design, interior design, and their website. Creativity within the church, when done with care, intention, and excellence, plays an important role in a church’s ability to connect with both its internal target audience: the community of those within the church, and its external target audience: the world around us that doesn’t yet know the hope of Jesus.

Our hope is that you will be equipped to be able to step into the fullness of your calling and ultimately that the church as a whole will become more effective at reaching the world and have a greater impact in this generation.

We’re still learning more every day and hope that we can all grow together. No matter where you’re at as a creative, we pray that these weekly articles and the rest of our website can be a source of encouragement to you in your journey.

We’d love to hear from you along the way! Let us know what questions you have or topics you’d like us to cover.

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